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[综合讨论] 美版s6edge 5.1.1已经到来,国航还会远么,期待ing

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    2015-7-23 10:28
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    美版s6edge 5.1.1已经到来了。
    T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S6 edge now receiving Android 5.1.1

    Posted: 21 min ago, by Alan F.Categories: T-Mobile, Samsung, Android, Software updates

    The Android 5.1.1 factory image for the Nexus Player was pushed out a little more than a week ago. Now, the latest and greatest build of Android is reportedly being sent out to the T-Mobile branded version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. A video was posted on social media showing the About Device page, which revealed that the Galaxy S6 edge in the video was indeed rocking Android 5.1.1.

    The most anticipated feature on the update is a bug fix that is supposed to eliminate a memory leak that has afflicted Nexus handsets since Android 5.0 was pushed out. Some using the Nexus 5 are finding that their apps are crashing, and that the amount of free RAM on the phone is declining for no apparent reason. Closing active apps won't even increase the amount of free RAM.

    According to an XDA poster by the name of Sunderwear, who did take a screenshot of his updated Galaxy S6 edge, the phone is a lot snappier following the update. If your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has received Android 5.1.1, drop us a comment in the box below and let us know what you think.

    根据微博最新消息G925TUVU1COE6 Android 5.1.1也准备OTA升级,国航应该也不会太远了。




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